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Whats Involved & How Do I Prepare

taking the test The topogrphical skills test is a simple and straight forward test that forms one part of your new PCO driver license application. The test is based around your ability to read maps, navigate and plan routes and usually only requires minimal preparation. Below you can see a shortlist of the skills you will be assessed on.

We strive to keep our prices as low as possible and we believe that our service makes passing your topograhical test as easy as possble. Our range of test options are suitable for all types of candidate from complete beginners to experienced drivers.

  • Your map reading ability
    A simple test of your general ability to read and use a map.
  • Local route planning
    This item examines your ability to plan local routes in London, these routes are chosen at random by the examiner.
  • Intermediate route planning
    This item examines your ability to plan intermediate length routes in London, these routes are chosen at random by the examiner and include all areas within the M25.
  • Long distance route planning
    This item examines your ability to plan long distance routes, these routes can be several hundred miles long and are usually made between larger cities across the UK.
  • Airport transfer route planning
    This item examines your ability to plan connecting, time sensitive routes between major airports, stations or seaports. This item usually requires planning for a secondry /back up route in case of accidents or delays.
  • Geography testing
    A general look at your knowledge of major London land marks, arterial roads, ring roads & major connecting motorways across the UK.

Whats Involved In The Medical Test

Starting The Medical Application Process
The application process to become a licensed PCO driver requires that you pass a basic a medical examination with a GP, this medical check is the same one that drivers of heavy goods vehicles are required to pass and is known as the DVLA Group 2 standard medical test.

Passing the DVLA Group 2 standard medical test should be your first port of call if you have any underlying medical conditions or concerns over your ability to pass the test. We advise our customers to pass the medical first in case of any problems. If you are unable to pass the medical, you will at least not have wasted money on other aspects of the test.

Will My Local GP Complete The Medical For Me?
The DVLA Group 2 standard medical test cannot be performed on the NHS as a free service. Most GP’s will charge a rate of around £100 for the full medical exam. You can book your medical exam appointment with us right now and pay a fixed fee of just £79.99, or for more information, please see our test pricing page.

Download Our Medical Request Letter
download Click here to download our medical request letter. This letter can be filled in and sent to your GP to request a copy of your personal health records (required for your medical check).

What Does The GP Test?
The testing is a fairly standardised process and includes the following;

  • Vision - A basic eye test
  • Cardiovascular - A test of your heart rate / blood pressure
  • Endocrine - A water test for diabetes.
  • Muscular - A basic physical test.
  • Neurological - A basic test of co-ordination.
  • Psychiatric - A basic test of your state of mind.

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